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Struggling to post consistently on social media? Don't have the time to edit videos and post pictures? Want to start making money from your passion?  Here at Bass N Bucks Media we are offering a way for you to post on social media without all the tedious hours spent editing and filming videos. We will film and edit and post all the videos for you with the best SEO (search engine optimization) and highest Quality content. It will be hard not to grow on social media with Bass N Bucks Media. 


Here is how it works:

- You sign up for the subscription service.

- We will contact you with what type of content you are looking for and schedule your first service.

- We will then create content for you and or your business. 

- Then we will send you the content we create as well as key titles, words, and tags to put on your video to reach the most viewers.

- We will do the posting for you if you feel comfortable/trust Bass N Bucks media with your social media passwords. You will have your YouTube money, and if you unsubscribe, nothing will be lost, and your YouTube channel will remain 100% yours.

- Once we finish the video and email you perfect SEO to add to the youtube title then our work is done. We will repeat this same upload schedule every week on the day you signed up for the subscription service.  


Disclaimer: If you live outside of the San Antonio area you will need to send the footage you film in to Bass N Bucks Media. 


Why I started doing media marketing: As you know I've been doing youtube/social media for 5 years now. I've seen pretty much every way to drive traffic to your youtube channel/social media. Along this social media journey I've seen a lot of my fans/supporters start social medias and youtube channels. They've come to me for advice on how to grow organically and ask "what is the trick?" I tell them my advice on how to grow then 2 weeks later I check back on their channel and they either stopped posting or completely gave up or deleted there channel. When I ask them what happened they alway say "I Never had/have the time to upload" it really pains me when I see people give up on there dreams because they don't have time. This is the exact reason I started this social media marketing subscription so I don't have to see another person quit youtube because they "don't have time". 


What you will get out of this subscription: Consider it an investment in your hopes, future, information, and time. You can not only make a lot of money on YouTube, but you can also create an audience who enjoys watching your videos. Depending on your cpm, channel niche, and merchandise sold, a YouTube channel with only 10,000 subscribers can easily make $150-$2,000 per month. If you can increase your subscriber base to 100,000, you can earn between $1,000-$5,000 per month, and getting to 1 million subscribers, you can earn between $5,000 and $100,000 per month. There are plenty of references if you don't believe me. Graham Stephen, for example, has just over 2 million subscribers and makes an impressive $5 million a year.



What this means for a business looking to drive more sales: In this day and age social media is the number 1 way to drive traffic to your store/website. I've seen this first hand with my own social media business and other businesses I have done this for. Social media increases sales and reaches audiences from around the globe. If your business isn't on social media then you're missing out on huge missed profits. Sign up today and start to see the numbers/revenue rise.   



I understand that the subscription package appears to be pricey, but it is well worth it for what you get. Each one of your videos takes a good amount of time for our team to create and upload. You must know what you will get in exchange for the money you will invest. Is it really worth 8 hours of your week? Or would you prefer to spend those hours doing something else? As a result, this is an investment in the company's future as well as a time saver.



Each video we create for you will also be sent to you so you can post that yourself anywhere you want.  


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