7.3 L "Not Fast Just Loud" Truck Decal Sticker

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7.3 L "Not Fast Just Loud" Truck Decal Sticker

So picture this, you're at a social event, stop light, or just on the road. You pull up to a decked out 6.0 L diesel or a super car. They ask you to race thinking your truck is fast but every 7.3 L diesel owner knows they don't own their truck for speed they own their truck for reliability. You respond to the 6.0 or the super car "not fast just loud" and point at the sticker. Boom, that sticker just saved you from getting gapped and looking like an idiot against that faster diesel. your welcome.

You don't know how many times I've been somewhere and someone says they want to race or brag how their truck would smoke my 7.3 L in a race. But now I just tell them not fast just loud and point at the sticker. Not getting gapped today, I know better. That sticker just saved me a drive shaft and making a fool of myself. 

Buy The 7.3 L "Not Fast Just Loud" Sticker Today!


Let's be honest, 7.3 L diesels are some of the most reliable, durable, and badass diesels ford has manufactured. If you have a 7.3 L diesel your gonna want to make sure people know you have a 7 tree Powerstroke. So I came out with these 7 tree stickers so you can let people know you own a badass truck.

Now I'm not saying that 7.3 L diesels are the most badass vehicles ford has produced just to sell you this sticker. I personally own and daily drive a 7.3 L Powerstroke with over 460k miles on it and it still runs like brand new. I have hardly done any work to this truck in the 20 years I've owned it. So pick up your sticker today to rep the 7tree gang! 

What This Sticker Includes:

- Long lasting decal sticker 

- Easy installation

- Dope design that lets people know you own a 7.3 L Powerstroke

- Choose from a variety of sticker colors 

How To Apply 7 Tree Sticker To Your Truck 


If you want a bigger or smaller sticker please contact us (210) 385-8153.